As an Instructor I have both graduate degree qualifications in road safety

and years of experience in truck/bus/car driver training.

The Lessons


Learning drivers can be nervous in a test environment – a common outcome: This is where the understanding of human behaviour and traffic psychology becomes very important, no one is perfect – assessors or students. My learners get to recognise that ALL of us make mistakes – – The most important thing to remember in a test environment is that the assessor is only human too – they have families and daily problems just like my learners – their perspective of your driving skills is the best they can offer as an observing licensed driver in a small time frame – we respect their position and integrity – it’s not an easy job with a huge responsibility – to allow you onto the road.


There should be minimal feelings of insecurity or incompetency as a learner if you are trained well. You will be capable and it will be a choice to be “nervous” prior to an assessment. Candidates can became nervous because they made a mistake in the test and didn’t “put it behind” them and refocus.


WHY it’s preferable to teach automatic instead of manual?


It is simply so much easier to drive an automatic car under a test situation than a manual car. There is no chance of stalling, restarting, rolling back on hills, poor gear changes.


Under a test environment things don’t always go as planned. It is so much easier to pass a P test in an automatic car than in a manual car. A lot of focus and attention can be given to the road environment when not having to remember gear changing, particularly when performing the required manoeuvres of the P test. Secondly the cost of a test is such that if a gamble of passing is based on a learners competency then financially a learner would be better off sitting an automatic license test

I am an independent driving school having no allegiance to any organisations that work with a generic “code of ethics”.

The Car


Suzuki Jimny

This car is so simple to drive with high visibility and manoeuverability.

After some research and years of teaching in learner provided cars, I concluded that the Jimny is easily the best car ever built for learning to drive in.

And its so fun to drive!


Thanks to other people’s attitudes to learning drivers on the road the car is not marked as a driving school car, but instead just adding L plates when needed so as to not stand out as much on the road.

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